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Isilon maintenance Saturday and Sunday this weekend (Expires 8/17/2014 11:30am)

8/17/2014 11:14am Routine


The rolling restart of the Isilon was completed successfully at around 10:35am

Update 9:45am

This maintenance was delayed due to this morning's datacenter power issue, but it proceeding as of 9:45am. Systems staff will communicate begining and completion of this work via the direct Isilon customer email list.

Alert was:

This alert is intended as information for college and departmental IT staff who utilize UFIT file hosting services provided by the Isilon appliance.


  • maintenance to a single node in the Isilon cluster will be performed tomorrow, Sat 8/16, at 9:15am to resolve a known issue
  • preventative maintenance to perform a rolling restart of all nodes in the cluster will be performed Sunday between 6am - 9am

Today, Friday 8/15, beginning at noon UFIT systems staff became aware of a CIFS problem with a single node in the Isilon cluster. We have removed that node from the pool for servicing new connections to minimize user impact; however, existing connections continue to operate normally. We have been working with EMC support to diagnose and resolve the issue. Tomorrow morning, Saturday 8/16, at 9:15am we will be working with EMC support to fix the affected node.

Beyond tomorrow's work UFIT systems staff will perform a rolling restart to the production Isilon cluster that hosts CIFS and NFS file shares. This work will be performed during the standard Sunday maintenance window between 6am and 9am this Sunday 8/17. This work is being done as a proactive measure to prevent problems from arising during the beginning of the UF academic term. Past experience suggests that this rolling restart is the best method to prevent the spread of issues that crop up within the Isilon cluster.

In the meantime, systems staff will continue monitoring the situation and if the current state deteriorates we may be forced to intervene sooner than Sunday morning.

Our staff will send pre- and post-maintenance emails to the Isilon customer email list as works begins and is completed on Saturday and Sunday.